About Us

DODHY Instruments known for its very high quality DENTAL and SURGICAL instruments. The strength of quality at DODHYlies in its experience, loyalty, commitment and faith in its work-shipman.

DODHY perceives a higher quality standard all the time every time. The core competence, which differentiates DODHY from the rest of the instruments market is its unique research ability; that includes energy, exuberance, technique, eagerness, anxiety for innovation, ability to see beyond the obvious, professional qualification and above all its will to succeed.

DODHY operating at an enormous output level of almost 300,000 instruments a month has allowed it to satisfy its hundreds of customers across the globe, on quality, economy and delivery times.

DODHY working as a mammoth unit, spreading over approximately 2200 square meters with its most modern purpose built production facility, CAM, CAD and CIM modern production approaches has acquired the market leadership position only in thirty years of history after its establishment on the worlds map. Its history indeed reaches more than 100 years of experience of forefathers.

DODHY specializes in manufacturing Surgical Instruments, Single use Surgical Instruments, Ophthalmic Instruments, Dental Instruments, Orthodontic Instruments Laryngoscopes, Fiber Optic Macintosh blades, Miller blades, Disposable macintosh blades, Diagnostic , anesthesia, Scalpels, Scissors, dressing and tissue forceps, artery forceps, cotton swab forceps, retractors, self retaining retractors, probs applicators, spatulas, Plaster Instruments, suture instruments, bone surgery instruments, neuro surgery instruments, cardiovascular instruments ,thoracic and lung surgery, goiter , dermatology , otology, rhinology , oral instruments, maxillo facial, tonsil instruments, intestinal and stomach ,rectum instruments, gall blader, instruments, gynecology instruments, vaginal speculums, obstetrics instruments, sterilization instruments, asepsis instruments, podiatry instruments, generic instruments, endodontics, extractions, impression, laboratory instruments orthodontic pliers, periodontal instruments, under the supervision of its extremely qualified, experience, devoted and loyal working staff. Every single instrument produced at Dodhy is tested for its mechanical, technical and chemical characteristics. 

DODHY has a unique development and expansion future plans by involving more dynamic and innovative entrepreneurs by moving its production overseas, sales facilities across the globe though joint ventures, franchise and/or agency dealership.

At DODHY we believe in professional long-term business relationships.

DODHY ensures you of its unmatched cooperation all the time.